7 Easy steps to veg!

The ‘how to’ on encouraging baby to eat vegetables.

There are plenty of benefits to giving your baby vegetables as part of their first foods. Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals essential for growth and development and provide fibre to help prevent constipation.

The guide:

  1. Start with brightly coloured, sweet vegetables such as butternut, sweet potato and carrots. Progress to green leafy veg a week a two after introducing the orange fleshed veg.
  2. Encourage baby to eat without forcing them.
  3. Allow baby to get a small taste of the veg first instead of giving a full mouthful/teaspoon.
  4. The family or feeder’s facial expressions towards foods during a mealtime can either encourage or discourage baby to try a new food. The feeder should try smiling/making happy faces while feeding.
  5. At meal time baby should either face or be in eye contact with the feeder while seated in a feeding chair or on their lap.
  6. Continue to expose baby to a variety of vegetables and allow your little one to take the time to acquire new tastes.
  7. Continuous exposure and feeding in a relaxed environment can have a positive effect on baby’s attitude towards foods.

Happy feeding!

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