About us

Established in 2021 through a love for food, babies and nutrition. Our main goal is to bring modern day parents an effortless feeding solution - with all the love and care involved in preparing home cooked food for your baby.

Nabeelah, the founder, is an attorney who completed her articles at Webber Wentzel. She has since moved into a compliance role and finds herself aptly in the FMCG space. She has engaged with food compliance, health and safety and general compliance, bringing a unique skill offering to the management and operations at Beely.

She has a passion for food and nutrition, and since being married has developed a real love for cooking!

As a mom, Nabeelah has a keen interest in the development of babies. In her spare time, she enjoys a refreshing morning swim, indulging in a block of chocolate (or ten!) and spoiling her baby.